Honda 10W30 or 0W20 ???

The automaker Honda describes in the manuals of its vehicles manufactured until 2012, the recommendation of lubricating oil 10W30 API SL inits engines, and emphasizes that “Honda does not recommend the use of synthetic lubricants”, well, recently in late 2012 the automaker launched the 0W20 API SL Synthetic lubricant on the national market to serve its fleet, and as of this date the dealerships have applied this 100% synthetic lubricant to the engines of vehicles manufactured before 2013, contrary to the manufacturer's own recommendation that indicates the use of the 10W30 , as a complement of information the genuine Honda 10W30 oil is mineral, and when you take your Honda to an authorized oil change maintenance company they make this engine oil change without informing the vehicle owner of such change,which in my point of view is an incorrect practice, most of these owners most often want to pay attention to this divergence, on the other hand those who make a point of reading basic information in the owners' manuals end up discovering this change of oil when taking the invoice, or also in cases where the engine of your car started to show a “tec-tec” right after the oil change.

When this oil change is made in engines with low mileage, orin vehicles with impeccable maintenance and that were used in normal use, it is very likely that there will be no change in operation, but in cases where the engines already have a greater clearances and wear and tear, which were used under severe conditions, and other wear and tear caused by irregular oil changes and outside the established deadlines can cause problems with greater heating of the engine parts, failures in the lubrication process and greater oil consumption due to the use of a thinner lubricant.

Okay, this is a new lubricant, with technology superior to10W30 mineral, better additives that consequently will provide less fuel consumption, less pollutant emission, greater protection and engine life, this is unquestionable, the only and biggest problem is it not to obey the recommendation itself, and thus induce the customer to apply a product that is not specified, and if there is a problem with this engine in which the lubricant application was changed, will the authorized company bear any burden that the owner will have in the future??? I believe not, but when making this change without the endorsement of the owner in my point of view the authorized is thus taking this risk !!!

Another important information is that this 0W20 oil is already used, for example, in several North American cars of the Honda line since 2010 and since 2003 in the Civic Hibrido, its application according to Honda could be extended to vehicles where the 5W20 was already applied (from2001 on wards, as shown in the table below), based only on this information we could say that there would be no problems making this change that the dealerships are making for vehicles below 2012, but it is that we are in another country and other variables must be considered as: fuel quality, usage regime and numerous tests carried out by the engineers who developed the engine, all with a view to ensuring greater performance, protection and service life for the engines. For further details, go here: best 0w-20 oil

For those vehicles below 2012 that use 10W30 are recommended, although the manual does not indicate the use of synthetic oils,it does not mention anything against the use of semi-synthetic oils, so that you owner of a Honda can easily use a product like the Magnatec 10W30 API SNsemi-synthetic from Castrol on your vehicle's engine as I inform you in greater detail in the video below.

So be very careful when taking your Honda in an authorized,and always follow the manufacturer's recommendation.